Nishman Hair Magic Retouch Root Concealer Black 100 ml

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Nishman Hair Magic Retouch Root Concealer Spray – is a great solution to disguise gray hair and cover primary balding areas. The lotion provides a quick covering effect and gives the hair a natural dark and black shade.

The spray has a unique formula that allows Hair Magic Retouch to be applied to the hair and beard, allowing you to quickly and easily hide gray hair and start balding spots.

Product Description: Thanks to the carefully developed formula and a competent selection of components, the spray effectively hides gray hair, does not penetrate into the hair structure, but envelops it, which makes Magic Retouch an ideal solution for everyday use.

Cosmetics is sold in a compact bottle with a dispenser, which allows a fine mist of the spray.

Magic Retouch dries quickly and the application effect lasts until the next wash. The product produces a darker black color depending on the hair color.


For hair and beard.

Covers the appearance of bald spots.

Effectively hides gray hair. natural hair color; Suitable for daily use.

A unique formula used by hairdressers.

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