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According to statistics, 70% of owners of blond hair face such problems as the appearance of undesired yellow shades. After all, bleaching your hair is only the first step on getting the perfect blond tone. It’s necessary to take care of your hair the proper way, so that the beautiful shade stays there much longer, without yellow undertones creeping up. Insight Anti-Yellow shampoo will be perfect for natural and dyed light hair. Formula is enriched with valuable natural ingredients: chamomile extract, lemon and honey. Which contribute to intensive hydration and nutrition of the hair, as well as protection form damage and yellow undertones.
Sulfates and parabens, which can negatively affect the health and appearance of the hair, aren’t included in the shampoo. In contact with water, this shampoo produces a thick foam that thoroughly and delicately cleanses the hair, leaving it feeling fresh for a long time. Insight Anti-yellow shampoo doesn’t dry out the hair or the scalp. Right after the first use, the yellow tint will disappear, and your hair will get a beautiful shine and color.

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