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If you want to be a happy owner of healthy, lush and shiny hair, you’ll need something like Insight Antioxidant shampoo. This rejuvenating shampoo contains special ingredients (antioxidants) that protects vulnerable hair and strengthens it, improving its resistance to aggressive environmental factors: hot sun, strong wind and toxic dust that can be found in large cities.

Shampoo contains unique ingredients: wild carrot extract (saturates hair with natural vitamin A); soy butter (thickens the cuticle, smoothing out the scales and fitting them into place, making hair smoother and more protected); jojoba oil (a powerful natural antioxidant that protects, moisturizes and fights age related problems).

The shampoo is packed into a convenient round bottle, that allows you to dispense the product with the maximum comfort and precision. Get the right amount, even if you’re already at the bottom of the bottle. No need to turn over your shampoo and wait till it drips out, that won’t be necessary.

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