Uv Lamp 36 Watt Gel Curing (Zh 818)

16.00 JOD

UV Lamp 36 Watt Gel Curing (ZH 818)
Lamp for drying nails UV Lamp 36 Watt refers to ordinary (fluorescent) UV lamps, in which gel varnishes of all manufacturers are polymerized. It has a wide range of light wavelengths, so you can dry almost any varnish, especially gel polish and shellac.
Ultraviolet lamp UV Lamp 36 Watt Gel Curing is equipped with 4 bulbs of 9 W each, has a removable bottom (especially for pedicures or just cleaning the internal component), soft-touch plastic and a weight of 1.7 kg. The reflecting part is a special resistant film that does not heat up when used, unlike brushed metal.
This lamp for drying has a timer for 2 minutes, and the voltage when working in it is 100-120V and 50 Hz, 220-230V and 60Hz, respectively.

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