Svr Sebiaclear Gel Moussant Purifying And Exfoliating Soap-Free Cleanser 50ml

4.75 JOD

SEBIACLEAR GEL MOUSSANT is a soap-free cleanser that purifies and unclogs the skin gently. Its creamy foam eliminates impurities and excess sebum without drying out the skin. It is easy to rinse and leaves the skin perfectly clear, fresh and matte.

SEBIACLEAR is the new revolutionary range* that helps to eliminate spots, blackheads and excess sebum.
This excellent effectiveness is combined with optimal tolerance and incredible pleasure of use. Proven effectiveness after 7 days on blemishes**.
Because all different skin types may be prone to acne, SVR Laboratory has been innovating with a unique combination of active ingredients for effective action on all skin types:
The new SEBIACLEAR formulas contain a powerful duo of anti-blemish active ingredients:
GLUCONOLACTONE, for an anti-inflammatory action and incredible keratolytic power. As effective as AHAs with extra tolerance***.
NIACINAMIDE **** for antibacterial and sebum-regulating effectiveness.
In optimal concentrations to act on all types of acne while respecting the skin.
The SEBIACLEAR range is formulated:

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