Svr Laboratoires Sebiaclear Mat+Pores Mattifying Cream 40ml

16.00 JOD

MAT + PORES is the maturing care seborregulator anti-dilated pores. Corrects the pores, moisturizes and mattifies the skin for 8h *****. Its soft peeling effect, without AHA for maximum tolerance, softens skin texture and regulates excess sebum.

SEBIACLEAR  is the revolutionary new range * that helps eliminate grains, blackheads and excess sebum. Excellent efficiency combined with optimal tolerance and incredible pleasure in use. Efficacy proven after 7 days in imperfections **.

Because there are different types of skin with an acne tendency, the SVR laboratory has innovated with a unique combination of effective active ingredients in all these skin types. And at the center of new formulas, SEBIACLEAR a powerful duo of anti-imperfections active ingredients:

GLUCONOLACTONE, for an anti-inflammatory action and incredible keratolytic power. As effective as AHA and with an extra tolerance ***.

NIACINAMIDE **** for an antibacterial and seborregulatory action. With optimal dosages, they act on any type of acne while respecting the skin.

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