Sesderma Seskavel Anti Hair Loss Lotion 200ml

22.50 JOD

It contains ingredients that provide strengthening and hair growth properties as well as antiseborrhoeic, protective and antioxidants properties . The result would be a hair that grows healthy, strong, thick and shiny. Thanks to its content of cegaba which stimulates and prolongs hair growth phase and strengthens the hair follicle, making it more resistant and stopping hair loss. It also helps decrease the amount of oil and dandruff on the scalp. The TAURINA provides protective and antioxidant properties, repairing damaged hair, preventing deformation and encouraging the growth of healthy hair. In order to control sebum we incorporated both zinc and ANGUSTIFOLIA SOPHORA extract. Both ingredients exert an antimicrobial effect, conditioner and soothing on the scalp. In addition it would bring shine to the hair, preventing it from becoming brittle and preventing its loss. To provide strengthening properties we added QUININE this reinforces hair structure and stimulates growth. European laboratory that specializes in encapsulation of active ingredients using Nanotechnology developing and studying the most revolutionary skin treatments for over 25 years using the best ingredients and equipments.

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