Oro Therapy Fanola Oro Puro Illuminating Keratin Argan Shampoo 300ml

13.50 JOD

All hair needs cleaning, and good color deserves good care. Most shampoos are doing more harm than good by stripping the hair of its natural oils. But don’t think that you have to sacrifice your beautiful luster for clean hair. The Oro Puro Illuminating Keratin shampoo cleans hair with a delicate mixture of argan and sweet cypress oil to protect the hair from aging effects and harsh natural elements like UV radiation. It contains microactive gold to enhance hair color to a new level of luxury. This shampoo will bring out the most of the color while making the hair light, soft, and clean.

Enriched with argan oil for health
Made with sweet cypress oil for protection
Made with microactive gold for looks
Gentle cleansing
Softens and brightens hair

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