Lakme K.Therapy Active Prevention Lotion 125ml

24.00 JOD

Daily use fortifying lotion.
Acts at several levels to restore vitality to the hair and scalp.

Prevents hair loss and strengthens hair fibre.
Stimulates cell dynamism to delay hair loss.
– Prevents ageing of hair. – Stops hair loss and increases density of hair. – Improves blood circulation.
Regulates activity of the sebaceous gland, reducing production of DHT.
Normalises the scalp’s sebaceous secretions.
Regulates the correct development of the hair and hair cycle.
Vitalises scalp cells and hair follicles.
Stimulate the cell metabolism
Corrects vitamin deficiencies.

Wash hair with Active Prevention Shampoo
Massage gently to help the product penetrate.
Daily use.

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