Igora Color 10 7-5

6.00 JOD

IGORA COLOR10 Technology The Amino Acid Carrier IGORA COLOR10 delivers beautiful color results, perfect white coverage and outstanding care in just 10 minutes. Due to its unique Amino Acid-Carrier and high performing color pigments, the hair-building amino acids Arginin & Glycin are boosted faster into the hair shaft providing a shorter, hence more gentle coloring process. These work like a transport carrier helping to pull the color pigments into the hair in less time. The amino acids do have a caring element on their own and due to the short processing time the coloring process is more gentle.

Amino acids are known to deeply penetrate into the hair fibre.
Due to their small molecular size they reach even more narrow fibre elements in the cortex of the hair.
The amino acids we are using in IGORA Color10 are called Arginin & Glycin.
Shades 11 are Igora Color10 Speedlift+
Pp to 4 levels of lift

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