Casmara Nature Ampoules Energetic 5X4ml

22.00 JOD

Who is this for?
Fatigued and wrinkled skin.
Recommended for boosting cell metabolism, rebuilding skin balance and renewing the cells in the epidermic layer. Highly recommended for aged, fatigued and wrinkled skins.

Wheat extract contains the elements necessary for life: carbohydrates, fats, enzymes, vitamins, mineral salts, proteins, etc. It enhances cellular respiration, boosting metabolic changes between the cells and their biological environment.
Oat proteins have a filmogenic moisturizing effect proved to last 24 hours.
They activate cellular respiration and boost cell metabolism in dull and fatigued skins. They also have a regenerating and repairing action on deteriorated tissues. Using this product provides the skin with vitamins from groups A, B and E, that help diminish the cutaneous microrelief.

Renews cells at an epidermal level. Regenerated skin.

Active ingredients
OATMEAL PROTEINS: Stimulant. Regenerating and repairing effect.
WHEAT EXTRACT : Stimulates the natural process of skin tissue

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