Casmara Longevity Recovery Facial Serum 50ml

56.00 JOD

Intensive concentrate of active ingredients.

It reactivates and revitalizes your skin in order to recover the functionality and balance of young skin, lost as a result of cellular aging of the skin.

The elixir of youth. LONGEVITY is the first rejuvenating treatment developed by the CASMARA Research Centre which works stimulating the skin stem cells. The product works differently during the day and at night, with exceptional results. High-technology cosmetics stimulating the skin’s stem cells.

A smart cosmetic product; during the day, it provides cellular protection; at night, it provides energy to the cells. 

Who is this for?
All skin types.
Unisex formula, for mature skin going through or after menopause.

Rejuvenating effect. Stem cell stimulator.
Fourfold multiplication of collagen in the skin.

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