Casmara Longevity Anti-Aging Moisturizer Recovery 50ml

50.00 JOD

Who is this for?
All skin types.
Unisex formula, for mature skin going through or after menopause.

Rejuvenating effect.
Stem cell stimulator.
Fourfold multiplication of collagen in the skin.

In 4 weeks it diminishes wrinkles and improves the overall appearance of the skin. The skin regains its youthful appearance, gaining in comfort and flexibility. Energized, toned and reaffirmed skin. Facelift effect.
AIRLESS SYSTEM for serum and creams.

Active ingredients
PHYTOESTROGENS®: A botanical complex made from 8 plants providing isoflavones to create phytoestrogens.
COLLAGENEER®: Wrinkle filler. It increases the synthesis of type I collagen and stimulates the synthesis of protective proteins (HSP).
CHONDRICARE®: An intelligent peptide. During the day it protects cellular structures against free radicals. At night, when these threats disappear, it helps the cells to increase their energy reserves (ATP).

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