Casmara Intensive Q10 Treatment, 6 Phases.

50.00 JOD

Who is this for?
Dry skin.
Unisex formula for mature and demanding skin types.

Coenzyme Q10 + Creatine: Doubles cellular energy.
Hyaluronic acid: 24-hour optimal moisturizing.
Bioavailable Vitamin C: Powerful antioxidant and natural protector.
Extraordinary nutritious, natural oils.

Active ingredients
COENZYME Q-10: A natural ingredient that transforms nutrients into energy for cells. It activates cell metabolism by stimulating the dermis and epidermis.
CREATINE: An intelligent cellular energizer which maintains an optimum level of cellular activity.
MARINE COLLAGEN: Marine moisturizer. It improves elasticity and reduces wrinkles.
HYALURONIC ACID: It moisturizes and redensifies the skin filling wrinkles from within.
ORGANIC SILICON: With facial firming properties thanks to the regenerative capacity of elastin and collagen synthesis.
VITAMIN C: A natural antioxidant and regenerating agent. It decreases oxidative stress and stimulates collagen production.
AVOCADO OIL: An ultra nutritious active ingredient thanks to its composition rich in vitamins and lipids.
SQUALENE: An active ingredient from plants with nourishing and protective properties. It restores skin moisturization balance.

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