Alterego Botanikare Day Therapy Energizing Shampoo 950ml

28.00 JOD

Energizing and stimulating soft shampoo is ideal everyday treatment for sensitive scalp and brittle, thin hair. Shampoo contains extracts of Yuzu citrus, known for its protective qualities, as well as environmentally certified Phytosterols, which provides exceptionally nutritious and softening effect. 

Gently cleanses the scalp, preparing it for the additional treatment, cleanses hair follicles. Extends and stabilizes the action of anti-hair loss tonics and lotions, increasing their effectiveness.

• prepares the scalp to receive the successive treatment
• gently cleanses the scalp
• frees the follicular ostia
• restores tone and hold

Application: Apply to wet hair, distribute evenly, leave on for a few minutes and then rinse off. Repeat application if necessary.

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