Alterego Botanikare Calming Shampoo 950ml

28.00 JOD


Gentle scalp and hair cleansing action
Scalp normalizing action
Restores equilibrium to the scalp micro-environment
Leaves hair conditioned and silky soft
Active ingredients:

Zanthalene ®
Botanical Extracts

Zanthalene ® (eco-certified): Perennial plant native to China, a technologiaclly evolved extract that guarantees an important soothing action. Provides a calming effect that relieves burns, itching and irritation.

Botanical Extracts: Dermo-purifying, astringent, anti-bacterial actions to regulate sebum.

The Calming product range has been specifically formulated to soothe and calm particularly sensitive and sensitized scalps. The soothing and anti-inflammatory properties of its blend of natural ingredients, eco certified ZANTHALENE® & DEFENSIL®, guarantee to calm even the most sensitive scalps.

Botanikare Day Therapy provides true wellness for hair and scalp. Botanikare Day Therapy is the professional range that addresses hair and scalp wellness, it has been specifically formulated to counter and treat the most common disorders.

All the formulations are free from: paraben, sulphates (SLES and SLS), colorants, silicones, allergens phthalates.

Made in Italy.

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