Acca Kappa Duo Force Roller Hair Brush 54Mm 12A X 883

10.00 JOD

Acca Kappa Duo Force Roller Brush Mod. 883 Diam. 54 mm Made in Italy. Brush specially made for the hairstyle of thick and particularly resistant hair. Thanks to the different heights of the bunches and their dipping, this brush allows a perfect grip of the lock; moreover, thanks to the large number of bristles, it facilitates folding. All this makes this brush ideal for thick and resistant hair. Features: Made in Italy. Model 883. Diameter: 54 mm. Length, including handle: 21.5 cm. High concentration of bristles – distributed on 18 rows. Boar bristles reinforced with nylon. Ergonomic handle in Kotibé wood.

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