Abril Nature Instant Mask Sublime 200ml

7.50 JOD

Intensive treatment mask. Based on positively charged conditioning ingredients, for greater adherence to damaged parts of hair fibre.
Long-lasting effect. With a high concentration in hyaluronic acid, providing rejuvenating and moisturizing effect.

The positively charged conditioning ingredients, with a maximum restorative power, adhere to the damaged parts of the hair fiber (negatively charged)
Long-lasting restorative effect, enduring after subsequent shampooing
Moisturises and prepares the hair for treatment with the leave-on concentrate
Normalises the original flexibility and elasticity of hair
Because of its content in plant protein complex, strengthens the keratin chain
Its content in stem cells plant culture extract rejuvenates the hair fibre from inside

Method of use:
Second step of Sublime Treatment.
Apply a small amount on wet hair. Slightly massage over hair for a best result and rinse-off.

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