Abril Nature Instant Mask Color 200ml

7.50 JOD

Mask with micro-suspension technology of moisturizing oils and that combines a UV filter, to obtain a final result of improvement in the retention of the color and the increase of the shine of the hair.
The oils, which are in the form of microscopic droplets suspended in the shampoo, are deposited on the hair fiber, dragging with them the UV filter molecules. A thin film wrapping, mixture of oils and UV filter is formed.
This wrapping film on the hair fiber acts avoiding the spontaneous detachment of the colored particles thanks to its barrier action, allowing a greater durability of the coloration.

It takes care of and reinforces the keratin structure of the hair fiber that has been subjected to the color treatment. Used in washing the dye, it increases the result obtained with the dye itself in intensity and brightness of color. It provides conditioning and softness. Creates an enveloping film of oils on the hair fiber with a sealing effect of the cuticle. Used regularly, it acts against all the causes of loss of color intensity and hair shine.

Method of use:
Apply on damp hair. Massage gently along the hair for a better result. Leave on for a few minutes and rinse.

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