Abril Nature Bain Shampoo Keratin 250ml

6.00 JOD

Shampoo which contains keratin pieces of various sizes. A part of them, little enough to penetrate through the cuticle, to inside the cortex, and other part of them large enough to remain deposited on the cuticle surface.
It’s the basis keratin treatment from abril et nature, and which can be substituted by Oxigen Cool or Oxigen if sensitive scalp or delicate hair.
Because of its durability and resistance to subsequent shampooing, it allows to be combined with other treatments from abril et nature, in the case of types of hair with more specific needs.

Instantly hair repairing, achieving its benefits immediately.
More silky and shiny hair
Stronger hair fiber and more resistant to breakage

Method of use:
First step of Keratin treatment.
Wash hair, as usual. Slightly massage over hair. Leave it to act for some minutes and rinse.

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