Seventeen Natural Velvet Matte Foundation No. (5)

13.95 JOD

“A new make-up which you will definitely love as it is the ideal starting point to create the most stunning make up looks.

Its velvet touch, its coverage and the action of its ingredients are excellent but also an affordable luxury.”

Liquid non-greasy make-up with innovative synthesis. Suitable for all skin types. Offers matte effect and velvety appearance. It provides perfect coverage thanks to its creamy texture! It refreshes the skin by offering hydration and at the same time anti-wrinkle protection all day. It contains Vitamins A, E & F as well as natural polysaccharides. The complex of these components binds the moisture required by the skin and at the same time contributes to limiting fine lines of expression. Enriched with a SPF 20 protection marker to protect the skin from sun damage, thereby freeing the free radicals. Apply very easily, giving a uniform physical effect and staying steady throughout the day. It is offered in 7 specially studied shades to meet the color needs of all women. Gluten Free

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