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Real Techniques Basic Makeup Brush Set 5 Pieces – 01895:

The set includes five brushes for eyes, lips and face, and contains everything you need for flawless makeup.

The brushes are made of premium synthetic fibers that feel soft against the skin and blend seamlessly.

Versatile brushes work with powder, liquid and cream products to deliver multi-purpose benefits and features to suit all your beauty needs.

Set Includes: RT217 Expert Edge Large Brush: A perfect piece with its five edges. This brush can be used to precisely apply liquid or cream foundation. The brush’s tapered shape allows you to highlight and define your features.

RT421 Soft Brush: Smoothly blend highlighter and blush in this tapered shape.

RT420 Spotlight Fan Brush: Prepare to shine with this fan-shaped brush for highlighter or contour pencil application.

RT317 Liner Brush: Sculpt brows or eye line with this thin, angled brush.

RT425 Lip Brush: Apply lipstick with precision with this thick, curved brush. Mix lipstick and liner to get the perfect look.

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