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  • Emollient components contained in the balm replenish intercellular cement and restore optimum lipid levels in the epidermis. They provide excessively dry skin with essential nourishing and moisturizing substances.
  • A combination of highly effective ingredients (olive wax, lanolin, rice oil) with regenerating properties provides long-lasting replenishment of epidermal moisture and lipids, creating a protective barrier to prevent transepidermal water loss. The balm restores natural physiological balance, optimum hydration and softness to the skin. It also reduces skin dryness and flaking and protects against recurring symptoms of excessive dryness.
  • Canola oil and hemp oil provide soothing and anti-itch properties, and are highly effective in skin care against dryness and atopic dermatitis (AD). The balm reinforces the hydrolipid mantle of the skin, protecting it against harmful environmental conditions. It soothes irritations and reduces the unpleasant sensations of itchiness and skin roughness.
  • The product absorbs quickly without leaving a greasy film on the skin or clothes. Regular and comprehensive EMOTOPIC emollient care enables longer periods of remission and prevents relapses of AD.

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