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  • The product is intended for the preparation of everyday emollient baths. In combination with water, it creates a delicate, milky, moisturizing washing emulsion. Effectively cleanses the body of impurities helping to maintain the proper condition and functioning of the skin from the first day of life.
  • The rich emulsion formula, based on a unique combination of hemp oil, canola and soy oil, restores the natural protective barrier of the skin, reducing dryness, itching and irritation, as well as excessive sensitivity to external factors.
  • The bath emulsion in addition to cleansing properties prevents the loss of water from the epidermis (TEWL), long-term moisturizes and oils the skin.
  • Specially selected ingredients allow to supplement lipid deficiency in the skin providing natural protection against irritation, additionally strengthening its defensive functions against harmful external factors.

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