NOVEXPERT Expert Exfoliator

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*suitable for all skin types, from 25 years
* hypoallergenic
* very suitable for dull, pale skin
* Oily or sensitive skin? Use the Velvety Scrub
formula developed by Doctor D. Coletta

Novexpert The Expert Exfoliator is a 100% natural mask and scrub in one. The result is a smooth and radiant skin.

Thanks to the patented ingredient NOVAXYLINE (brown alga combined with a complex sugar), the skin itself produces hyaluronic acid and collagen. This “algae / sugar” complex is in almost all Novexpert products. It has an amazing effect on the skin. It reduces by nearly 70% one of the main causes of aging (cellular oxidation) and activates a specific gene known for its properties in the field of protection against aging. This innovation has given the Novexpert brand more than 11 awards.I11706

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